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Welcome to the CBC website!

Here you can find out about rowing at Clare College, Cambridge, including crew lists, results, reports and upcoming events. You can also find information for CBC Alumni, the Clare Relics, recent club newsletters, our club history and contact details. For information about Clare Novices' Regatta, see the regatta pages.

Clare Novices' Regatta

Thursday 27th - Saturday 29th November

Previous event: Emma Sprints

For the draw and results for all colleges visit the regatta pages.

1st Novice Men's VIII

Bow: Ben Leitch, 2: Karel Nanninga, 3: Ollie Russell, 4: Dominic Schröder, 5: Anders Kjemtrup, 6: Stephen Kindness, 7: Euan Beck, Stroke: James Henderson, Cox: Lydia Price

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1st Novice Women's VIII

Bow: Cloe Legrand, 2: Nina Kølln Wittig, 3: Charlotte McGarry, 4: Julia Kelsoe, 5: Capucine Riom, 6: Cherise Glodowski, 7: Meggie Lönngren Sampaio, Stroke: Robyn Hamer, Cox: Jordan Sandberg

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2nd Novice Men's VIII

Bow: Daniel Massey, 2: Matt Simpson, 3: Yannis Hemrich, 4: Joel Adams, 5: Jack Malde, 6: Daniel Hurt, 7: Timo Rossberg, Stroke: Alex Campbell, Cox: Imogen Sharkey Ochoa

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2nd Novice Women's VIII

Bow: Samantha Passmore, 2: Els Alsema, 3: Sasha Amaya, 4: Odelia Younge, 5: Josie Newman, 6: Anna Zeugner, 7: Rosie Boxall, Stroke: Anna Peel, Cox: Jaina Mistry

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Other recent results

View other recent results and reports: Emma Sprints, Queens' Ergs

Next event: Fairbairns

Thursday 4th - Friday 5th December

A head race organised by Jesus. All boats start at the Jesus boathouse. Novice VIIIs race over about 2700m to the Railings roughly half way down the Reach, senior coxed IVs race over about 3400m to the downstream post on Plough Reach, and senior VIIIs race over about 4300m to the Little Bridge, past the Motorway Bridge.

For the details visit the regatta pages.

1st Men's VIII

Bow: Adam Sanders, 2: Ollie Rusk, 3: Louis Tate, 4: Ed Oughton, 5: Richard Gunning, 6: Ross Buckingham, 7: Callum McKenzie, Stroke: Jon Swain, Cox: Esther Momcilovic

2nd Men's VIII

Bow: Ben Jennings, 2: Tom Edinburgh, 3: Olivier Grouille, 4: Toby Roeder, 5: Tom Callingham, 6: Simon Swan, 7: Ivan Mechkov, Stroke: Robin Elliott, Cox: Clement Chan

See the Diary of Events for details of other events coming up.